Happy International Women’s Day

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: Homage to a legend! Remembering Moremi Ajasoro of Ile Ife

An alluring beauty with an equally brave heart; Queen Moremi of the Yoruba Kingdom, is held in high esteem by the Ile Ife people following her great sacrifice and applaudable role she played in freedom of the people of the ancient Yoruba land.

Queen Moremi Ajasoro, wife of Oranmiyan, heir to the King of Ife and Founding Father of the Yoruba tribe, Oduduwa was burdened by the plague of her people, the people of Ile-Ife who were enslaved by a neighbouring tribe – the Ìgbò (forest) people. 
Numerous sacrifices had been offered to their gods without success. So she took it upon herself to seek the river god, Esimirin for answers.

She would then allow herself to be captured by the enemies, in view of finding favour with the king, relying on her captivating beauty. The plan would later work, she became queen of their kingdom, learned the secret to free her people, and wasted no time relaying it to her folks.

The Yoruba army swung into action, and was able to defeat the Ìgbò people, thereby gaining their freedom at long last.

Queen Moremi who had to fulfill her promise to the river god, 
gave up her son, Olurogbo, to the deity.

Till this day, she is recognised by the Yoruba people for her courage and selflessness and has over the years being immortalized in several ways: Books telling her story, Pageants in her honour, Edi Festival and a 42 feet statue – “Queen Moremi Statue of Liberty,” – the tallest statue in Nigeria, and the fourth tallest in Africa.

Oloori Moremi lived in the 12th century.

Respect to a woman of courage!


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