From A 23 Year Sentence On Cannibis Indictment To Launching Her Legal Hemp Empire And Empowering Women! Meet Award winning Sabrina Peterson

By Duchess Magazine

Cannibis entreprenuer Sabrina Peterson is the very definition of inspiration. The now celebrated business coach, strategist, and entrepreneur amazingly built her empire with the very stones that brought her down.

From being confined to the four walls of a prison, now the much sort after speaker helping other women become empowered.

CEO of the GirlPower Holdings umbrella, Peterson leads a group of companies that includes the flagship Glam University,

Sabrina rose from the depth of hopelessness after a 23 year indictment charge on Cannibis and now she’s well versed in business and financial development, Peterson has graced stages that include the Essence Festival, Black Enterprise reports.

Peterson has also been an active voice in the fight against several social issues in her hometown Atlanta, particularly focusing on violence and abuse against women.

Applaudably recently she launched her full scale Cannibis company bringing onboard other marginalized women and introducing them to a world of possibilities in the bubbly hemp industry through female-centric products and accessories, redefining Cannibis culture.

Excerpts from her chat with Black Enterprise;

On when she realized CBD and cannabis was a business opportunity worth pursuing;

Peterson: First and foremost I was facing 23 years for a cannabis indictment. During that time I was educating myself on the cannabis trade and how this can be so illegal in the south but our Caucasian counterparts were able to generate legal income.

Right now, it is hurtful to see that the stigma of marijuana has set our black people back generation after generation, and now the same drug is being used to create wealth for whites. This business opportunity is less about myself and more about empowering black people with the same drug that put us away. Hemp is where it is and the land is where it is at. Currently, this is a cash crop.

On steps taken to start the business:

I have to live where it is legal to conduct the cannabis business. Before thinking about operating this type of business, it was critical to find out the laws in my specific state. I went straight to the dockets of the law to make sure I was in compliance with the law. Next, I immediately secured an L.L.C., and began to develop my brand Pretty High Co. I literally started with one or two cannabis-based products in my closet. I did not need 20 different pieces, just a few great items and truly understand what makes that product different in the marketplace.

How important branding is in the CBD industry:

Everything big started out small. You want to create quality products that have medicinal benefits that truly work. Identify your brand’s core philosophies, which include a mission statement and values. It’s also important to determine your brand’s value proposition to the consumer. The cheapest thing you can do right now in this space is to begin to build your CBD or hemp brand. As a brand, you can be in multiple stores and outlets across the country if you take the time to develop your strategy.


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