Founder of Miss Black United States Pageant Says, “Forget the Hairspray and Butt Glue… Black Women, Let’s Conquer the World”

By Duchess Magazine

In a world that seemingly revolves around hairspray, butt glue, and rhinestones, Founder Sonja McCord transcends the archetypal pageant into a quintessential finishing school and enrichment program. Miss Black United States is not your average pageant. Contestants will not spend a mere three to four months searching for the perfect evening gown, starving themselves for the perfect body, and cramming in some practice personality questions. To the contrary, these power women, ages 20-38, will actively participate in an on-going program that promises to leave contestants with the resources and network to conquer the world.

One might be inclined to resist the idea of an age range so vast—an 18 year span of women vying for the national title. However, the program intends to bridge the generational gap. Serving to unite young and budding rosebuds with the confidently polished, fully bloomed. The assumption might be that youthful women in their twenties may have an advantage over older women in their thirties. Do not be fooled. Wiser, confident, and established women in their thirties can definitely give young women a run for their money. It has been said that thirty is the new twenty. These women are fit, motivated and as confident as the innocently hopeful, ambitious twenty-somethings.

Regardless, the younger women need not be discouraged. This system is designed such that each woman independently competes against herself. Each woman—learning from each other, networking, and creating a unified sisterhood that could run the world.

With a grand prize seed fund of $25,000 along with a host of other prizes, the national queen will conclude her reign with the launch of an independent, entrepreneurial project. The newly crowned 2018 Miss Black United States will be criss-crossing the country advocating on behalf of several organizations that promote HIV/AIDS, heart disease, and diabetes prevention. She will empower children and teens with self-esteem and body confidence. Moreover, she will champion other causes impacting the African American community. For the beauty and fashion lovers out there, Miss Black United States will receive a new wardrobe, image consulting, hair services, photoshoots, filming sessions, and numerous other branding opportunities.

Local contestants vying for the state and national title stand to gain the ultimate enrichment experience. Not only does the program provide contestants with preparation and training to be an elite pageant competitor. It provides networking opportunities to last a lifetime. Contestants will be offered opportunities to attend special events, volunteer with local charities, and participate in workshops hosted by some of the worlds most established leaders. “We are aligning the program with some major players. It’s not a traditional pageant, but one day the complete vision for the program will be revealed. At that time, people will respond, ‘Ahhhh, I get it now.’ This is much bigger than a pageant. It’s a movement,” says founder, Ms. McCord.

The Miss Black United States program seeks to reestablish a strong, unified African American community. A community that centers around cross-generational respect, leadership, solidarity, collective economics, elegance, health, and cultural pride. There is a bigger vision for the program. Consequently, its success relies on it’s participants—those ambitious, self-nominated heroines who will serve as the catalyst for restoring Black America as a unified, empowered, and respected community.

Miss Black United States is a registered trademark owned by Sonja McCord, is not affiliated with any other pageant system, and should not be confused with Miss Black America or Miss Black U.S.A. However, Miss Black United States, also known as Miss Black U.S. (lose the “A”), pays homage to those founders of Miss Black America and Miss Black USA for giving Black America its first opportunity to shine in the world of pageantry.

For more information on Miss Black United States, please visit www.missblackunitedstates.comand follow the pageant on social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) @missblackus. For partnerships and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the pageant office at or 929-399-MBUS (6287).


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