First Ever Black Woman-Owned Full-Service Security Firm Was Launched With Just $500 — But Is Now A Multi-Million Dollar Enterprise!

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Mary Parker is the genius entrepreneur that founded All-N-One Security – a thriving, multi-million dollar security enterprise with a workforce of more than 200 employees. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, her company is the first ever Black woman-owned full-service security firm, and one of the nation’s largest and most experienced, fully-certified security firms.

All-N-One Security provides corporations, small businesses, and other professional entities with global high-level security technology, security personnel, and onsite traffic control management.

How did she do it?

It all started in college, when Parker earned a Bachelor of Science degree in criminology and a Master’s degree in security management. After graduating college, she started out as a security officer but soon secured a role as Director of Security at Diesel Technologies Corporation. However, after realizing that there was a “glass ceiling” for minority women in the security industry, she decided to create a plan to launch her very own security firm.

In 2001, Parker moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and founded All-N-One Security in the kitchen of her home with less than $500. Under her leadership, her small home-based company blossomed into a multi-million dollar enterprise with offices in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Her clients include aviation firms, concert promoters, municipalities, educational institutions, natural gas resources, and transportation companies from all over the country.

Her advice to others

Parker travels the country speaking to Criminal Justice students, and mentors many women, minorities and aspiring security professionals. Her advice is simple: “Develop a posture of strength, develop a posture of “can-do”, develop a posture of turning “no’s” into what it is you want it to be, and also develop a posture of comradery – knowing that we get nowhere by ourselves.”

She strongly believes in the African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”

As the author of a best-selling book entitled The Chick in Charge, and the founder of the Mary Parker Foundation, Parker also believes in providing aspiring and rising entrepreneurs with the tools, support, and resources necessary “to not only succeed, but bring others with them once they win!”

For more details about her company, All-N-One Security, visit

For more details about her foundation, visit

Watch her inspiring interview below:

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