Financial Problems Did not stop me From Achieving My dreams- Miss Tourism Ogun Reveals.

By Duchess Magazine

Miss Tourism of Ogun, Nigeria, Chisom Gladys Louisa Ugah,  disclosed her Journey towards success recently,  as one that was terrifying in terms of Financial support and Motivation but, was not a stop point for her Dreams, as it was a stepping stone into Greatness.


She shared a detailed account of her sojourn into fashion and modeling as this were her aspirations when she was tender.
What Motivated and inspired you into Modeling?
My motivation is my dream. I have really longed to be a fashionista and a model all through since when i was a kid. I see myself in person of Tyra Banks. Tyra banks is a very successful American model, T.V presenter, she has been very inspiring to me and she has always giving me that much inspiration to go for my dreams. Also my lovely mum, she stood by me and gave me her support and in most of all, I had learn to chase what I have passion for. Celine Dion gave me that passion for modeling. Modeling has been my passion and dreams and will always be.

Tell us about the Beauty contest For miss Tourism?
The pageantry is a creative and purposeful beauty and talent competition whose mission is to revitalize tourism in the state through beauty. its requirements was like a norm which i already adhered to on almost every audition i attended. The criteria and requirements were,  A participating model must be single, She must not have bore a Child or pregnant, She must have the required height which is 5.6 upward Must be fluent in English Must be good looking and no seen tattoo.
We were about 23 models that made it to the finals.

What were your challenges so far?

It’s been tough sincerely speaking. Balancing my modelling career with school activities and Funding them all. But the success I have attained has certainly brought  me unending joy. While in camp I had bad moments I feel sick a day to camp resumption. But I strive through and now I am here.

What made you exceptional from others?
Firstly, My determination for success, taste for greatness and  hunger to excel. Due to my composition in camp, the way I related to people and my performance during the show was what made me stand out.

How has it been through fame and glamour?
It has been Fun, The respect my peers has shown me has  been motivating.

Was there any time you felt like giving up on your dreams?
Yes because there was no financial at that moment and there was no assistance too i felt like there was no reason anymore to go on.

What’s your advice to upcoming models?
My advice is don’t sleep on your dreams, rather work, strive and chase them with your heart and back it up with God.


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