Duchess International Magazine’s Landmark Conference to Unveil the Hidden Power of Traditional Rulers, Revealing Their Influence in Today’s Society

By Duchess Magazine

London is set to host a groundbreaking conference that aims to unravel the intricate role of traditional rulers in today’s society.

Titled “Monarchical Role in This New Society – A Case Study of the UK,” the three-day event, organized by Duchess International Magazine and powered by Custodian Global Consult, will delve into the influence and relevance of traditional rulers, particularly for local government officials and ministries. Scheduled from August 9 to 11, this conference promises to be a transformative experience, shedding light on the crucial bridge traditional rulers provide between the people and the government.

The conference will kick off with a Meet and Greet reception, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and networking among attendees. Traditional rulers, local government chairmen, and representatives from ministries of local government will have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, setting the stage for meaningful discussions that will unfold in the days to come.

Day 2 of the conference will be the centerpiece, featuring a captivating lineup of esteemed speakers, scholars, and experts in the field. Through a series of engaging sessions and panel discussions, participants will delve into various aspects of the monarchical role in today’s society. The historical evolution of the United Kingdom monarchy, the constitutional significance of traditional rulers, and their influence on governance and policy-making will be among the thought-provoking topics explored. Participants will gain valuable insights into the practical applications and impact of the monarchical institution, which has shaped societies throughout history.

Adding a touch of immersion and experiential learning, Day 3 of the conference will offer a guided tour and study of significant royal family sites. Attendees will have the privilege of experiencing the legacy, traditions, and cultural importance of the monarchy firsthand. From palaces to historic landmarks, this tour will provide a deeper appreciation of the profound influence of traditional rulers on society.

To ensure the success of the conference, interested participants are required to pay a stipulated fee, covering access to all conference sessions, materials, and refreshments. However, it is important to note that accommodation and flight expenses are not included, and participants are responsible for making their own arrangements in this regard.

The significance of this conference extends far beyond the borders of London. Traditional rulers in Nigeria and other African countries are eagerly anticipating the event, recognizing the crucial role they play in governance and their unique ability to influence governments. The conference will serve as a platform for them to exchange insights and learn from the case study of the United Kingdom, ultimately enhancing their impact on local governance, community development, and policy-making. Local government chairmen and representatives from ministries of local government will also find immense value in attending, as they gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential role traditional rulers play in bridging the gap between the government and the people.

As London prepares to host this groundbreaking conference, the spotlight will be on the intricate role of traditional rulers in contemporary society. With engaging sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and an immersive tour, participants can expect to gain valuable insights into the influential and vital position traditional rulers hold. The conference is a unique opportunity to explore the monarchical role in this new society, inspiring attendees to harness the power of tradition and heritage in shaping a brighter future.


Joseph Omoniyi



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