Double Dose Of #MelaninMagic ?Twins Who Graduated Valedictorian And Salutatorian In High School Set To Smash Headlines Yet Again With Doctoral Program

By Duchess Magazine

LaTonya and LaToya Harris for sure have greatness running in their genes. In 2010, the Texas twins graduated high school as valedictorian and salutatorian and now, come December the power duo is set to do it again, graduating with their second master’s in clinical nutrition and their doctorate degrees in chiropractic medicine, nabbing the valedictorian and salutatorian honors for the second time, Because Of Them We Can reports.

LaTonya and LaToya Harris

The twins have always embarked on the success road together on the same part as compared to other twins, after high school the pair went to the same college, bagging their bachelor’s and master’s in sports management from UT Austin, and continued to Parker University together.

Proud mum Gail Harris, took to social media to share her joy and excitement; saying, “We are honored to be their parents.”

The sisters who say sticking together comes naturally recall moments saying:

“We don’t recall a time when we haven’t liked the same things. Our parents always left the decision up to us. They always wanted us to do what we wanted, and they never forced us to do anything the same. We both agree that we wouldn’t change anything about our journey because we understand that God planned it to happen exactly as it has, even if we didn’t,” the twins told Because Of Them We Can.

However the sisters stated they didn’t set out with the mindset of choosing the same schools but upon a suggestion of a mentor and being that there were very few schools offering degrees in chiropractic medicine, they decided to attend the same school. The best thing about staying together for the Harris twins is the support they receive from each other, they say:

“Your best friend gets to come to work with you every day. We are more efficient because we already know what each other is thinking. We can just look at each other and know what needs to be said or done next. We make one another so much better,” the sisters told BOTWC.

The 28-year-olds plan to own a clinic and set up a scholarship for other minorities looking to pursue careers in the industry after graduation.

“We feel we work much better together than apart. We would love to have established our own practice in addition to a scholarship fund and mentorship program for minority doctors…We desperately want to help change the narrative of healthcare,” the Harris twins said.


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