#DidYouKnow Hattie McDaniel Was The First Black To Land An Oscar?

By Duchess Magazine

#DidYouKnow Hattie McDaniel Was The First Black To Land An Oscar?

American singer, writer, comedian Hattie McDaniel delved into the spotlight right from an early age. She made her first film appearance in The Golden West (1932), where she played a maid.

On February 29, 1940, Hattie McDaniel made history when she became the first Black person to win an Academy Award, for her role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind.
However her historic accomplishment was once again met with stiff prejudice at the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles, where she was made to sit at a segregated table at the side of the room.

Throughout her career, Hattie encountered racism and sexism; landed mostly derogatory roles, she was unable to attend the premiere of Gone with the Wind in Atlanta because it was held at a whites-only theater.

Although she appeared in over 300 films, she received screen credits for only 83. Two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame in 1975, in 2006 she became the first black Oscar winner honored with a U.S. postage stamp, 2010, she was inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame, although McDaniel left behind a remarkable, it is often met with controversy

On October 26, 1952, the award winning actress passed away due to breast cancer. Her final wish to be buried in Hollywood Cemetery was denied as the graveyard was restricted to whites only. She was buried in Rosedale.



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