Ciara Prepares Meals For Hungry Children, Speaks On Motherhood And Romance With Russell Wilson

By Duchess Magazine


 Unilever is helping feed millions with a little help from Ciara. For every interaction with the hashtag #ShareAMealon social media, the company will donate one meal to Feeding America. After helping us prepare food for the hungry, Ciara talked motherhood, music and her romance with Russell Wilson.  

Why did you sign on to help #ShareAMeal?
One in five children are facing child hunger every day. That’s a hard reality to swallow. Being a mom, I can’t imagine my child not having a meal. That’s a hard to digest. It’s super exciting to be able to do something like this and to make a difference. The great thing about this campaign is that everyone can get involved.  By using the #ShareAMeal hashtag, you’ve put a meal on someone’s table.

You share so much on social media and took us along to Mexico! Baby Future was cute in his little robe. What are your social media rules?
My little juicy man. The thing is just being true to what I feel in the moment. I’ve also been telling myself, “Don’t over think things.” Back in the days, I would over think everything. Now I’m more about, Whatever you do, have fun while doing it. That’s important for me.

Your 2015 has been epic. Motherhood. New album. New relationship with NFL cutie Russell Wilson that you debuted at the White House. 
It’s dirty 30 for me and I can proudly say that. This is probably the sweetest spot in my life as a woman. It’s also a very special time. You hear women talk about it all the time, like when you turn thirty, “That’s when it all came together for me, girl.” Honestly, that’s what I feel. I’m probably the most clairvoyant I’ve ever been in my life when it comes to making decisions. My son was a huge part of that. Now when I make decisions I have to not only make them for myself, but I’m also thinking of him. I feel prepared for the world ahead. It’s an exciting time.

How have you applied that clarity to your relationship with Russell?
I don’t over think things. It’s also about being with someone where it’s equally yoked. Of course, we have one day at a time to go and grow together.

Indeed. What was the moment you realized it was something special between you two?
Well. It was love at first sight. Just like Carl Thomas sings, though not the same ending. (laughs)


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