Chisenga Muyoya:

By Duchess Magazine

Co-founder Asikana – Raising Female Entrepreneurs Through Technology ?? Passion. Purpose. Fulfillment.

Discover that which fuels your inner thirst, that which challenges you beyond comfort, that which sets your soul on fire. Find that, you find purpose, that one thing that fuels your every breath.

Chisenga Muyoya, co-founder Asikana is a young power force in ICT who has definitely found purpose, standing out amongst her contemporaries, making great strides and impacting her community through volunteer work in Zambia.

Chisenga, with over eight years experience is passionate about social change and women advancement, grooming female ICT entrepreneurs through free training sessions in web development video editing and much more to challenge cultural norms and change the narrative about the female
The Commonwealth PhD Scholar from the University of Sheffield who holds a BSc in Computer Science, an MSc candidate in Information Systems Management and is also Consulting Lead at BongoHive and a multidisciplinary researcher has conducted quantitative and qualitative evaluations and research studies with variety of organisations and institutions.
Chisenga Muyoya in order to help community development contributes significantly by identifying and pursuing suitable projects and then supervising local talent and young enterprising entrepreneurs from within the community.

The tech expert has co-facilitated bootcamps that equip entrepreneurs such as Startup Weekend and Idea2Prototype.
The young leading entrepreneur has gained recognition within and outside her home country; Named one of the top 28 young women leaders in Africa, a recipient of the Ministry of Science’s postgraduate scholarship for outstanding females in science amongst several other honours.

Chisenga Muyoya is a MILEAD Fellow, Global Shaper, Vital Voices Fellow and Washington Fellow. ?


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