Charity Training Ghanaian Women In Professional Driving

By Duchess Magazine

A GHANAIAN female empowerment group is training young women to become professional drivers to help balance gender inequality in the country.

The Network of Women in Growth, a non-government organisation (NGO) provides vocational and entrepreneurial training and support for young women to enable them launch and run their own businesses.

The network’s young women in professional driving project will not just provide jobs, lifting women out of poverty, it also a way of combating stereotypes in a male dominated field.

Mawusi Awiti, head of Network of Women in Growth said, “The vocations are there. Anyone can get into it, it’s we who have structured that this belongs, this is where men should get to, this is where women should get to. The men are not preventing the women from being involved in what they are involved in.

“These women that are being trained, they would enter into the male dominated areas. We want to see women driving the president, we want to see women driving the speaker of parliament, we want to see, and when we are asking for these things and they ask us ‘where are the women?’, we’ll say, ‘Here are the women’.”

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