Chaka Khan Opens Up On Body Image Struggles; Says “I can’t stand in the mirror”

By Duchess Magazine

Legendary singer Chaka Khan has thrilled hearts with her powerful voice and soulful performances for decades but being a public figure, unlike the average person has brought her weight struggle over the years has been brought to the spotlight. One day she decided to take control and lose weight for good. The singer has since lost over 50 pounds.

A young Chaka Khan

A young Chaka Khan

The icon who revealed she did it on her own without surgery. In a chat with Luenel who asked “There was a time when you were heavier. You’ve lost a lot of weight. Do you feel like there was any discrimination against you when you were thicker?” Chaka Khan replied, ” I got a lot of attention when I lost weight, because I lost the weight. When I say I’ma do something, I’ma do it.” She explained.

Chaka Khan, 67 recently admitted that she has “bad body image.” Opening up about her struggles in an interview with VLAD TV, she said: “I don’t know what I look like. I really don’t. I can’t stand in the mirror and assess myself in comparison to other people.”

“Aretha had the same thing. She would order and have size 8 made for her when she was a size 40. God bless her. I’ve seen many a zipper bust on her on stage. God bless her. When there is genius in one area, some place else really suffers. You’re a coo koo head in another place,” the songstress said.

Recall Aretha shed pounds after being told by a doctor she has high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic.

Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan before losing weight

She had also credited her granddaughter for motivating her to get fit and saw results by fasting and going vegan. Putting rumors to rest that she had surgery to assist, she set the record straight: “No cutting. Two c-sections and one knee surgery and that’s good for me. I’m not about the knife or needles.”

Chaka Khan now

However, Khan notes, it has been a struggle to maintain her weight throughout the pandemic. “Me and food don’t have an emotional thing going but when you’re just sitting up looking at frick and frack movies all day, and thinking ‘Oo what can I make for dinner? What can I snack on?’” she explained. “I like to cook healthy. I always have. My kids have been eating spaghetti with no meat in it their whole lives. They did not know that they were not eating meat for a long time.”


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