Bridging The Divide In Mental Health! Black Women Founders Launch New Online Directory Connecting People of Color with Therapists of Color

by Duchess Magazine
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The Clinicians of Color directory, an online community for Black and Brown therapists was launched by the need to link people of color to their own kind in order to foster better understanding as well as assists therapists of color in developing and growing private practices.

The initiative targets the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community to provide therapeutic resources.

Founded by Lisa Savage and Kim Knight and with more than 14,000 members, the community provides a variety of services, including consulting and training for mental health professionals to grow their private practice. Additionally, Clinicians of Color is involved in a number of advocacy efforts to decrease inequities in mental health systems.

“The main purpose of this directory is to connect consumers with therapists who look like them,” says Lisa. “We designed it with a specific goal in mind – to reduce the disparities inherent in the mental health system, which often disproportionately ignores issues faced by the BIPOC community. If we don’t work to decrease the inequities, who will?”

One of the founders, Kim Knight adds: “Our directory is comprised of clinicians who have a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds and who are well-versed in current training and treatment styles. They understand the added pressures faced by members of the BIPOC community, especially in today’s pandemic and racially-charged environment. We want to bridge the gap between the need for services and the lack of access for people who most need services.”

The online directory is free of charge and specializes in mental health services and provides educational information on a variety of topics related to mental health.

To access the directory, visit

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