Black Woman With Vitiligo Tells Her Touching Story

By Duchess Magazine


A woman with a rare skin condition that makes her skin patchy, says she adores each and every spot on her body and face.

“Men love my skin. They come up to me all the time and ask to kiss my white spots or tie my shoes. They call me exotic and beautiful.
I love it. Women often come up to me and tell me I should cover myself up or get medical treatment. I find it really offensive – they seem more bothered by my vitiligo than I am,” she said.

Archie first noticed white patches around her genitalia and knees when she was eight-years-old. By the time she turned 27, her face, hands, breasts, legs, bottom and genitalia were covered with bright patches.
They said I would have a difficult time fitting into society or that I would wake up a little bit more depressed than others. That’s never been the case, I’m still a normal woman.

I do like to wear make-up and I do like to feel sexy and all those things but not to the point where I want to cover my entire self up. Vitiligo is who I am and I just don’t allow it to take over my life.
The one thing that I can say I’ve taken away from having vitiligo is that you have to either sink or swim, you’re either going to own it or accept it and just be confident with it or you’re going to allow to take over every aspect of you.”
Archie, who is currently a single mother of two adopted daughters Alexis, 16, and Monica, 15, hopes to pass her positive outlook to her children and teach them to love themselves no matter what shape, size or colour they are.


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