Black Physician Launches New TV Series to Give Teen Girls of color a Voice

By Duchess Magazine

Dr. Kela Henry, a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, award-winning author, and speaker from Gwinnett County, Georgia, is helping to revamp the way the world looks at teenage girls of color with her new television series “Let’s Talk Teens with Dr. Kela”.

This series will focus on bringing greater understanding to serious issues facing a particular portion of the population of teenage girls of color in the country. Dr. Kela wants to point out the accomplishments, and struggles of teenage girls in today’s world.

She shares; “There are some incredible teenage girls of color out there. Dozens are starting their businesses, including non-profits, and giving back to their communities in big ways. Most of them have had to overcome serious setbacks or life-altering experiences and they have forged forward, with only their state of mind carrying them through to the next day.”

“Let’s Talk Teens with Dr. Kela” is a never-before-seen TV show that brings girls of color and their families together by having grounded, educational conversations about relationships, health, and sex. Dr. Kela connects each girl’s mental & physical health with a talent that makes them special in spoken word poetry, stand-up comedy, a scientific invention, and to showcases their talent within each episode. Each episode is 22 minutes long, features two teenagers and Dr. Kela, and will be broken up into four segments.”

These TV series were created in partnership with Dr. Kela’s BTH Creations and Denise Marsa Productions. They both started working together in 2014 when Dr. Kela was initially looking to hire a PR firm to increase her visibility for her practice and to establish herself as a public speaker and eventually an author. The scope of their work together has drastically grown over the years.

Incredible support from teens and parents on social media, at book signings, and at events where Dr. Kela has been a featured speaker has helped publicize the show. Also, Marsa has brought in two young rising talents as associate producers, New York filmmaker Sophia Conger and Bulgarian native public relations and social media manager Meggie Dimitrova. The three-women production team has created the concept video to present to various organizations and networks for partnerships.

In 2019, Dr. Kela was awarded a Salute to Excellence Award for her book Nia & The Numbers Game, A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex from the National Association of Black Journalists.

Dr. Kela is an alumnus of Medical College of Pennsylvania-Hahnemann School of Medicine in 1999, Residency program at Medical College of Georgia, Augusta.

She inspires and motivates teenage girls to own their education and to find the resources they need to live the life they dream of living, no matter their circumstances.

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