Beyoncé Shuts Down Rumors Her Stomach Is A Baby Bump By Reminding Everyone She’s “Flawless”

By Duchess Magazine

Whether they’ve been married for five minutes, just gone public with a new relationship or stepped on the red carpet after simply enjoying a hearty meal, celebrity women can’t seem to avoid pregnancy rumors. Your fave, Beyoncé, has dealt with them since way before she actually ended up pregnant with daughter Blue Ivy. If she holds her laptop or bag in front of her stomach, she’s pregnant. And if after having twins a year ago, her stomach isn’t as flat as some might expect, she’s pregnant. That’s what everyone had to say after seeing this video of her on stage for the On the Run II tour recently:


If this ain’t proof that Beyoncé IS pregnant with baby #4 then I don’t know what is 🤰🏽🐝👀 —>  #BigBoy

But the 36-year-old decided to indirectly respond to those rumors this week while on stage. The 36-year-old star told her fans, “You know your flaws make you beautiful, right? You know that right?” before patting her stomach and her thighs:

It won’t be the last time that she deals with the rumors, especially since she unexpectedly announced she was having twins. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that if sis is expecting, she will let fans know when she’s good and ready.

Hit the flip for nine other famous women who can relate to being hit with such rumors, only for them to not be true.




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