Beyoncé Is KING ?????? Did You Know The Pop Star Is Allergic To Perfume? 10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Music Goddess

By Duchess Magazine

It’s World #B’Day today and in celebration we dig out some fun stuff about the one and only Beyoncé Giselle Knowles!

10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Beyonce:

1. Beyonce is no doubt a power performer but she at some point battled a little anxiety. To overcome stage-fright, in 2003 she invented an alter-ego called Sasha Fierce. However the diva has since ‘killed off’ Sasha Fierce, explaining she felt she didn’t need her to overcome her shy personality and perform anymore, “because I’ve grown and now I’m able to merge the two.”

2. Luscious lips, eyebrows on fleek! Beyoncé always looks stunning, but when it comes to beauty, she picks mascara as her favorite make-up.

3. Who rules the world? QUEEN BEY!! Even as a child she won hearts, emerging champ in more than 30 singing and dancing competitions as a child.


4. Even the world’s greatest have something that catches their fancy: For Queen Bey it’s painting and photography.

5. Beyonce is the most Grammy-nominated woman in history and the first woman to win six Grammys in one year .

6. Better #Recognise; Many thanks to Destiny Child’s mega hit song Bootylicious the Oxford English Dictionary gained one more vocabulary.

7. Nudity to Beyonce is a big no no! Earlier on during the launch of her solo career, the queen walked out of a photo shoot after the photographer asked her to pose naked and smothered in honey.

Beyonce Red carpet

Beyonce on the red carpet

In a chat with Daily Mail she revealed – “Man, if I had a dollar for every time that kind of guy says, ‘you’ll only get the cover if you take off your pants’, I’d be a rich woman.”

8. Talk about smashing records before your birth;  following the announcement that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy Carter, the news broke the Guinness World Record for most tweets/second.

9. Blue Ivy’s smashed records once more as two days after her birth she became the youngest person to feature in the Billboard 100 after Jay-Z included her cries in his track ‘Glory’

10. Beyoncé’s favorite number is 4 and that’s understandable. Her birthday is September 4, mum Tina was born January 4th, and her hubby, music legend Jay Z was born December 4th. She also got hitched to Jay-Z on April 4th. Go figure!

Happy Birthday Queen

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