Alaba Fagun: Leading with Innovation in Nigeria’s Paint Industry

By Duchess Magazine

Berger Paints Nigeria Plc is known for its quality and excellence in the Nigerian paints and coatings industry, with a legacy spanning over fifty years. At the helm of this distinguished brand is Alaba Fagun, a seasoned Managing Director known for her innovative approach and expertise in project management and FM consulting.

With a background in Architecture and Facilities Management Consultancy, Alaba Fagun brings over 19 years of experience to her role at Berger Paints Nigeria Plc. Her journey to leadership is paved with a track record of understanding and adapting to diverse client cultures, proactively enhancing services, and navigating complex commercial and contractual landscapes within the construction industry.

Fagun’s international experience, gained from working in the UK, adds a unique dimension to her leadership style. Her exposure to different cultures, clients, and contractors has equipped her with a holistic perspective and a range of approaches to delivering optimal solutions in terms of cost, time, and quality.

Prior to her role at Berger Paints Nigeria Plc, Fagun held key positions at renowned organizations, including Union Bank and Broll Property Services, Nigeria (CBRE Affiliate). At Union Bank, she spearheaded major projects, focusing on strategic management, co-ordination, policies, and financial control. Her role also involved implementing lean principles and managing service provision teams, demonstrating her commitment to operational excellence.

As Senior Manager, Projects at Broll Property Services, Nigeria, Fagun played a pivotal role in FM procurement and strategy, business development, and the establishment of effective strategic plans. Her ability to oversee various business development aspects, from sourcing new businesses to signing agreements, highlights her strategic vision and business acumen.

Fagun’s tenure at UPDC Facility Management Limited (UPDCFM) further solidified her reputation as a dynamic leader. Initially joining as the Head of Facilities Management for UPDC Plc., she later became the founding Managing Director of UPDCFM. In this role, she oversaw the drafting of service contracts, monitored customer satisfaction, and developed strategic relationships, all while upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity.

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