Aisha Dania Ogieriakhi:

By Duchess Magazine

Bridging The Gap And Giving Hope To The Vulnerable And Underprivileged ?? “No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.” Deep pockets have never solely been a determinant to touch lives, the heart, that’s where it all begins and therefore materialises. Ironically, only a few come to this understanding.

Aisha Dania Ogieriakhi, a Nigerian with a heart of gold founded the Blue Baby Support Initiative (BBSI) in June 16, 2018 to help stand in the gap for the underprivileged, meeting needs and giving hope with focus on children and women.

Burdened by the travails of the needy and vulnerable at her every turn, Ogieriakhi founded the non profit organisation to help in the quest of alleviating human suffering, protect life as well as provide good quality health care services, therefore upholding human dignity especially during emergency life threatening situations.

The BBSI which focuses on needy children and women is tailored towards advancing the objective of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 which aims to provide health and wellbeing for everyone by 2030 with hope of tackling health challenges, poverty, abuse, etc in order to help children live a peaceful, happy/healthy life through education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment.

With target beneficiaries being women and children, her scalable programs cut across: *Pregnancy education for rural women, through joining forces with existing local initiatives on advocacy for child/maternal heath, teenage pregnancy and curbing of unhealthy cultural practice *Provision of empowerment avenues for rural women offering livelihood skills with a focus on poverty eradication and decent employment and income earning * Providing contingency fund and relief during emergencies that are life threatening.

The global advocacy non-governmental organisation strives to deliver emergency medical assistance to people with health crises in different states in Nigeria in order to ensure more people – particularly women and children receive essential medicare needed to build healthy immune systems and live happy, productive lives. ?


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