#afwn2016 African Fashion Week Nigeria Run Way Show Starts Today

By Duchess Magazine

Day Two at the AFWN 2016 first runway show started at 1:00pm at the Eko hotel and suites.

However, exhibition at various stands preceded the major run way even.


_MG_8664 _MG_8676 _MG_8681 _MG_8687 _MG_8691 _MG_8695 _MG_8697 _MG_8709 _MG_8710 _MG_8712 _MG_8714 _MG_8715

Among designers showcasing their designs are Ade Bakare Coulture London, Africk Abaya, Agatha Moreno, Apex Clothings, Asake Oge, Bankole thomas, Belto Edu, Beryl Qouture, Colour of Cue, Coz designs, Cynthia and angel, Dozzy Coulture, Ekaz Signature creations, El Amanah clothings and coulture, Elawe coulture, Eminence 1129, Eve design online, Farida Atelier, JP Koulture byHadassah, Lanre Lagou coulture, among other.

See pictures below:

_MG_9021 _MG_8824 _MG_8968 _MG_8947 _MG_8927 _MG_8914 _MG_8911 _MG_8897 _MG_8895 _MG_8880 _MG_8972 _MG_8998 _MG_8791 _MG_8777 _MG_8753 _MG_8742 _MG_8735 _MG_8749 _MG_8740_MG_9163 _MG_9169 _MG_9172 _MG_9175 _MG_9177 _MG_9180 _MG_9182 _MG_9184 _MG_9186 _MG_9192 _MG_9194 1V0B8711 1V0B8712 1V0B8713 1V0B8715 1V0B8724 1V0B8728 1V0B8736 1V0B8742



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