Africans need to create Lucrative Businesses to be Relevant in the Lucrative World. says Magatte Wade.

By Duchess Magazine

Senegal’s Magatte Wade, a self-described serial entrepreneur, is convinced that Africa’s future depends on its ability to develop lucrative businesses  and a strong manufacturing sector.

With that in mind, she co-founded Adina World Beat Beverages in 2004 and recently launched her second company, The Tiossano Tribe, which produces high-end skin care products based on traditional Senegalese recipes.

Magatte Wade is one of the most notable female entrepreneurs to emerge from Africa. Born in Senegal and educated in France, she is the original founder of Adina World Beat Beverages, a San Francisco beverage company that manufactures coffee, tea and fruit juices based on indigenous traditional beverage recipes from across the world, using organic ingredients sourced from small-scale farmers across Africa and Asia.

Magatte then went on to start Tiossan,  a company that produces luxury organic skin-care products based on traditional Senegalese skin care recipes, in New York which is best selling and yielding her enough income.

“To get to the finish line, Africans must create scalable businesses based on African culture, businesses that produce high quality products that enlightened American consumers want and need. And that’s what I’m doing.” she said.

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