Advocate For Black Women and Teen Girls Releases Two Powerful Novels With Life Lessons For All

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Los Angeles, CA — Acclaimed author Felecia Poolé has released her thought-provokingStormi Girl book series. These powerful coming of age novels that have everything you could ask for – thrills, tension, and tender moments. They touch on issues involving sex, mental illness, suicide, and religion, just to name a few.

In the Midst of the Storm: They Call Me Stormi – Volume One is a riveting story of a young girl’s journey through love, sex, and betrayal, and her fight to keep her sanity.No Mercy: They Call Me Stormi – Volume Two is the continuation of the young girl’s journey through revenge, lies, and secrets. Poolé gives readers a glimpse of how life-altering situations can push some teens over the edge. Stormi, the teenage protagonist, is trapped between the spirits of good and evil, but only one spirit can win.

The author’s characters are skillfully developed, and you are walking in their shoes as they blindly move through life. You are reminiscent of your life as a teenager and a parent. You’re reminded of the lies that you told, and of the secrets that you hold. These cautionary tales will cause many parents to pay more attention to their teens and their associates.

Parents will see that being open and honest about their life experiences as a teen may help their teen when confronted with tough decisions. Teens will learn that trying to become an adult to fast can put them in situations they are not prepared to handle.

About the Author:
Felecia Poolé is a mentor with My Sister’s Keeper, a non-profit organization for youth girls ages 8-18. She advocates and encourages mentorship. She believes everyone has a story that needs to be told. Her slogan, “You Don’t Know My Story,” resonates in the hearts of women young and old. Her passion to inspire others has made her a sought-after inspirational speaker.

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Felecia Poolé

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