Aderemi Emmanuel-Oki:

By Duchess Magazine

Empowering The Next Generation Leaders Being a parent isn’t just about bringing your little one to the world or spoiling them silly providing their every need. As parents, a large portion of societal wellbeing depend on you because believe it or not, you’re armed with the power to change the world! In simple terms, you determine the future – how your kids turn out in adulthood.

Through proactive influence, proper guidance
instilling proper values and empowerment – the right parenting methods, we would nurture our kids into independent positive minded individuals able to make the right choices for a better future.

Passion driven educator and speaker, Aderemi Emmanuel-Oki is pulling her magic and spreading her wings behind the scenes, helping to empower kids in their path to greatness taking the burden from off parents for a bit.
Emmanuel-Oki Aderemi is the face behind @deliberate_parenting, an offshoot of Drmsbraines Limited. “Parenting is not rocket science” she says.

The happily married mum of three didn’t just stumble into the education world, well schooled with a 16 year experience to show in the educational sector, driven by the “need and passion to educate and provide a supportive environment that will make each child thrive in his/her absolute capacity, thus enhancing the child’s innate prowess” after bagging her first degree in English Arts, she embarked on further studies.

Aderemi holds several certificates from prestigious institutions. The educator boasts of certificates in Family Engagement in Education from the Havard School of Education, The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People at the University of Edinburgh and Educational Leadership and Management (MSc) at the University of Leicester.

A sought-after speaker, Aderemi speaks on raising and nurturing holistic children to parents at seminars, schools and youth programmes.

The author/ speaker, resident in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja has taught varying age levels at schools including Marella International School, Ibadan Oyo State, where she had extensive service


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