84-Year-old Julie Coker: Pioneering Nigeria’s Airwaves and Entertaining the Nation with Timeless Music

by Joseph Omoniyi
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Julie Coker, a trailblazing figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, left an indelible mark as the country’s first-ever female television presenter and Africa’s second. Her journey from a talented schoolgirl to a celebrated broadcaster and musician is a captivating story of talent, and cultural fusion.

Born on 25th July 1939, Julie’s rich heritage reflected the diverse tapestry of Nigeria itself. Her father hailed from the Yoruba ethnic group in Abeokuta, while her mother came from the Itsekiri people of the Warri area. Growing up in Lagos, Julie’s passion for performance arts was nurtured by the nuns of Our Lady of Apostles, who managed her school, St. Mary’s Convent primary.

Her journey to prominence began when she represented her school in a festival of arts featured in the Daily Times Newspaper in 1957. This experience paved the way for her to secure a scholarship to Holy Child College in Lagos. Later, she won the prestigious Miss Western Nigeria competition in 1958 and became a runner-up in the Miss Nigeria contest, gaining recognition as a beauty queen.

Julie’s career as a broadcaster commenced when she became the country’s first female television presenter. Her warm and captivating presence on the screen made her a familiar face in Nigerian households during the nascent stages of the television industry. Simultaneously, she thrived as a popular radio host, enchanting listeners across the nation.

The mid-1970s marked a new chapter in Julie’s artistic journey as she delved into music. Surrounded by musical luminaries like Fela Kuti and Kris Okotie, Julie entered the Nigerian music scene with her debut album, “Ere Yon (Sweet Songs),” a mesmerizing psychedelic highlife masterpiece released in 1976. The album, along with her 1981 disco-centric “Tomorrow,” garnered immense acclaim and attained legendary status, commanding exorbitant prices whenever they surfaced for sale.

Julie’s musical prowess extended to her third and final studio album, “God Bless Our Pope,” released in 1982. Her unique blend of genres and captivating vocals continued to leave a lasting impression on music enthusiasts.

In 2023, Kalita Records paid tribute to Julie Coker’s musical legacy by releasing the first-ever compilation focusing on her career. The compilation includes seven of Julie’s sought-after Afro disco and hauntingly-beautiful Itsekiri highlife recordings. Alongside the music, the label provided extensive interview-based liner notes and previously unseen photos, immortalizing Julie’s story for generations to come.

Julie Coker’s contribution to Nigeria’s entertainment landscape extends beyond her pioneering roles as a broadcaster and musician. Her captivating charm and remarkable talent bridged cultural boundaries, uniting audiences across the nation. Her remarkable journey continues to inspire aspiring broadcasters, musicians, and performers, reminding us all that dreams can be realized with unwavering determination and passion.

As Julie Coker’s musical gems find new audiences in the digital age, her legacy stands as a testament to the timeless power of Nigerian artistry. Her story continues to captivate and inspire, embodying the spirit of a trailblazer whose impact on Nigeria’s cultural heritage is etched in the hearts of countless admirers.

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