8 Million A Year! Here’s A Look At What Sasha Obama Could Make From Endorsements Deals If She Becomes An Influencer

By Duchess Magazine

Sasha Obama with parents Michelle and Barack Obama

Social media is huge and there’s no denying!

According to report, the younger of the Obama daughters, Sasha, 19, who went viral earlier this week in a now deleted Tik Tok video showing off her dance moves with her friends has the potential to gain 2 million followers in a week and 10 million within her first year if ever the thought of joining popular app TikTok crosses her mind.

It doesn’t stop there; according to
the CEO of a leading influencer-marketing agency, Sasha Obama could be making up to $8 million annually just from endorsements alone if she ever decided to become a media influencer, the Jasmine Brand reports.

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