5 Year Old Wade Williams Writes Book – “Wade Through The Pandemic” In Hopes His Story Will Uplift Other Kids Letting Them Know They Are Not Alone ❤️

By Duchess Magazine

Five Year Old Wade Williams: Author- Wade Through The Pandemic

“I really want to help people.”

Wade Williams: Author - Wade Through The Pandemic

At just age 5, Wade Williams from Georgia has his lens set on helping others. Inspired by happenings around him, the inspirational kid decided he needed to help other kids through the pandemic.

Wade Williams, currently residing in Atlanta said he wanted to create a book to “help kids through the pandemic.”

The book, title “Wade Through the Pandemic,” was written by both Wade and his father, Joshua Williams.

Wade Through The Pandemic

On how the book came about, Joshua also said Wade came to him and told him about his idea:

“When I heard about it, I was shocked a little bit, like, wow, really somebody so young that just is really thinking about others,” said Joshua.

“He said he wanted to help kids through the pandemic and so obviously, we couldn’t be hands-on helping, not as much as pre-COVID,” said Joshua.

According to Joshua, the book was written in hopes of sharing their story to provide hope to other kids as well as some positive energy to various homes.

The book which took four months to put together details everything from Wade’s grandmother getting sick with COVID-19, to his mom giving birth to his sister during the pandemic.

So how does Wade feel about being an accomplished author with a book on the stands?

“It feels good,” said Wade.

How awesome!!

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