5 Facts About The Magical Northern Lights

By Duchess Magazine

1. The simply magical enchanting bright bold beautiful splash of breathtaking greens, purples, yellows, oranges, reds, magentas and blues colors; the #auroraborealis also known as the Northern Lights effortlessly transports her audience, leaving them in awe, as the revel in one of life’s most unforgettable experiences boasting of fascinating humankind for thousands of years.
2. The “aurora borealis” which means “dawn wind,” in Roman mythology is said either be diffuse or discrete: the beauty of diffuse auroras may not be visible to the naked eye as it appears in faint colors – gray and white, but when viewed through the lens of the camera, its true essence is captured. Discrete auroras however have sharp features and vary significantly in brightness.

3. Although Scandinavia stands proudly as one of the most popular areas for Northern Light viewing, Canada, Scotland, Russia and Alaska are not left out in providing this magnificent scenery.. 4. The different colours of the Aurora Borealis occur due to the different types of gas particles and electrons. High energy electrons- green lights, low energy electrons – red lights… The light are specifically reported to originate from collisions between gas molecules on the surface of the sun, releasing large quantities of matter and electromagnetic radiation, with a speed of around seven million miles per hour (11,265,408 kph). 5. No two Northern light displays are the same, differing in colour and patterns. They can also be viewed in space. ?@time


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