3 Reasons why all mums need to learn about MSI

By Duchess Magazine

As a modern parent, one of my greatest passions is being able to raise a generation of children who become future leaders and successful businessmen and women. But not in the tradition way that we were all taught which involves a lot of painful sacrifices, manual labor and ego-driven desires. I mean holistic success and divine prosperity.

I know there’s more abundance for each and every one of us to enjoy to our hearts content, but we really need to step up and get with the “forgotten program”, if we desire to make this dream a reality.

I speak more for the mothers in this article because being a mother and having taken care of a family since I was only a kid; if there’s one thing I’ve learned is the influence a mother has on her children.

If you didn’t know, being a mother automatically makes you a coach and your client is the most valuable one anyone could have because he/she is the little unknown that you carried for nine months until he/she was ready to be known by the world… Before the world knew your baby, you already had a very special and intimate relationship. Now that you child is here, growing up in our fast changing world where the death of the old and the rise of the new economy is at hand, what are you doing to make sure your child is authentically empowered to be the best he/she can be now and in future?

Paying for their education and providing a great family environment is awesome, but you are the mother and your child needs more than that. Your child needs a foundation, which can help them build and bring to life whatever structure they will desire in their adulthood. Whether it will be a bungalow, castle or an empire state building, the foundation they lay down will determine the quality of life they lead.

I don’t know about you but I realized that no one else influences the child more than the mother. Yes there are other influencers but none can compare to the mother… What does that tell us? That your child’s future can be greatly brightened or dimmed by your choices and the model of life that you hand over to your child. Especially when it comes to really important matters such as financial independence, love, health and self-confidence. Our parents may not have done a very good job, but it’s time you get over that excuse. They did the best they knew how with the little awareness and exposure that they had. You cannot use your old paradigms as your reason for not stepping up and being an extraordinary individual.

Become an extraordinary mum: It starts with you!

Why is that important?

Because children don’t learn by lectures and words, they learn by imitating their parents… Have you noticed? You can shout as much as you like but if you don’t like reading, your kids won’t like it either 😉

In like manner, you can encourage them to dream big and anticipate bright futures but if you’re not demonstrating the same, it’s all just wasted. I see it every day with mothers who love their children to pieces and yet display hopelessness, despair, poverty consciousness and fears in various ways. The battle will therefore fall on the child in later years if the parents don’t make an effort to transform… So this is for you, because the only person you can control and transform is you, not the father of your child, not even your child – just you!

But the good news is that as you transform yourself, your entire world must transform also for the better. So in this article, let’s address a transformation in the area of financial freedom because every mother whether single or marrieddeserves to be financially independent. I know it hasn’t been the case throughout history, but you’re here to rewrite your destiny; so this is history in the making then isn’t it?

As you get good at it, by natural law your kids will also grow up really good at manifesting financial prosperity. What better joy can there be for a mother than to know that your child can be prospered now and in future?

The best starting point I can offer is learning more about what we call MSI and actually setting one or two up immediately.

What is MSI?

It stands for Multiple Streams of Income.

This is the surest way of producing financial prosperity.

Ever wondered how rich people keep getting rich while doing so little physically? This is the best-kept secret for all wealthy individuals… Boy, did my life change when I first learnt about this. I finally realized why hard work alone doesn’t mean you’ll be financially free or enjoy great monetary success. In my mind & money mastermind, which you are encouraged to join or request a complimentary call to find out more details, we have something I refer to as the greenhouse experience. And what that means is that for 90 days you’re incubated in all ways possible in an atmosphere that’s specifically designed to help you thrive.

You learn how to shift from limiting beliefs and poverty consciousness, you learn how to set up multiple sources of income and you also learn how to master the power of money. Because you don’t just need to increase your income, you also want to keep it right? So aside from the digital entrepreneurial training that you get with marketing experts etc., I personally take you into my greenhouse so you can also create your rags to riches story. All this comes in one awesome combo once you join my digital family but bottom line, it’s all centered on this one idea: Your path to being independently wealthy is about working smarter not harder! MSI is something you can’t afford not to learn about if you desire to thrive.

So here are my 3 reasons why you need to learn about MSI:


  • It’s the only way all wealthy individuals manifest great material riches.Any wealthy individual you can think of is only rich and prospering financially because they were either taught or naturally inherited an aptitude for setting up profitable MSI’s. When you learn how to find and set up profitable MSI’s your financial prosperity will increase tremendously without you having to do any extra effort and it will be long-term wealth that flows consistently.


  • It doesn’t take you away from your passions, obligations or current job. As mothers our families are so important to us and take our number one priority even if we have jobs. But for some, having a job is very restricting, time consuming and at times really stressful. For others it can be very fulfilling and flexible but either way, there’s a ceiling on the amount of financial riches you can bring to the table at the end of the month.

The good news with any good MSI is that it doesn’t require you to physically manage it in order to produce income for you consistently so whether you’re a working mum or not, there isn’t going to be constriction of any kind but there will certainly be an increase in income.


  • It is one of the best skills that will train your mind to maintain a prosperity consciousness, see new opportunities faster and grow your financial intelligence – which is crucial if you desire to be a master of money and maintain material riches.

Like I said before, to be independently wealthy you need to learn how to work smart not harder and nothing trains you better than mastery of this concept. More importantly, having more opportunities and income encourages you to invest more time learning how to handle money which, quite frankly is a problem majority of the population have.

You can earn more money and still struggle if you don’t develop your mind and increase your financial intelligence. It’s definitely one of the main lessons you want to give to your children because the subject of money and how to handle it isn’t going to be taught anywhere else by anyone else – if not you! They need to learn how to become a master and have money work for them instead of vice versa and they need that knowledge now, not in future.

You can give it to them once you have it…Quite simple isn’t it? Not only can you make your lifestyle awesome, you can also gift your kids the most valuable treasures needed to produce their dream lifestyles.

 As the old saying goes, “you cannot give what you have not got.” What would you like your children to have?


About Author:


Janette Getui is a lifestyle, leadership and wealth psychology coach. She’s certified as

a personal and business coach, a law of attraction expert and thinking into results
facilitator who’s had the pleasure of being trained and work with some of the biggest
names in the personal development industry such as Bob Proctor. As such, she’s on a
mission to help others awaken to truth because she believes in freedom and
prosperity for all.

As a transformational coach, in-demand speaker, trainer, seminar leader and
breakthrough queen who came from a homeless hostile background, she’s created an
extraordinary story for herself and now shows others how to do the same. Born in
the second largest slum of Kenya, in Africa, she turned around the fate that was
handed to her by rewriting her destiny by progressively creating her rags to riches
story literally from scratch into the successful entrepreneur, thought leader and
proud mother that she is today. Her mission is to help others awaken to Truth about
Life and how this world really works because she believes in freedom and prosperity
for every individual.

She devotes her time-sharing a simple formula that can show you how to make
manifest your version of heaven here on earth and attain a happy, healthy wealthy
and thriving lifestyle. Her work endeavors to help individuals seeking to become
independently wealthy how to integrate material earthly riches with spiritual
richness because that has been her main learning curve without any of the social
criteria that most people have. Having discovered that there is a connecting link that
we can use to build the bridges that connect lasting and holistic materialism with
spiritualism, she wants more people to start enjoying a good quality of life and
greater abundance. Janette believes with great conviction that you can create a new
reality and destiny for yourself and your loved ones regardless of current conditions,
circumstances or environment.

To connect and learn more: www.janettegetui.com
If your lifestyle needs a makeover check out: www.boldbeautifulblissfulu.com

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