17-Year Old Genius on Track to Complete a Doctorate Program This Year — She Graduated High School at Age 11

By Duchess Magazine

Thessalonika Arzu-Embry, a teen prodigy with an IQ of 199, is a sought-after, influential role model for inspiring, mentoring, and empowering others. She graduated high school at age 11, earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology at the age of 14, an MBA at the age of 16, and is set to earn a PhD. at 17 years old.

She is also an author

As an author, Thessalonika has encouraged many with her five best-selling books covering topics from expediting the completion of college, securing justice, to financial investing. Her titles include The Genius Race: What do I Gain for Being Wise?, In the Future, Jump the Education Barrier, Settled: Justice for All, and Perspicacious Investing: High Risk Hedge Fund Methods Revealed.

She also created a program called JUMP that helps students complete college, as quickly as possible, so they can enter society and do the most good.

How in the world did she do all this at such a young age?

It’s simple! While most young girls were attending sleepovers and playing video games, Thessalonika was busy studying. She says her high IQ is only one part of her myriad of talents; She’s also very determined, ambitious and curious.

She says that at an early age, she was always interested in studying, and so her mom started giving her college textbooks. She also feels a sense of responsibility to use her intellect in a helpful way to the world’s progress. She comments, “I’ve been placed in a position to help society in deep ways and in as many ways as possible.”

Why she wants a doctorate degree

Thessalonika says that a doctorate degree in aviation psychology will give her the knowledge to work for aviation companiesm and reduce what she calls “human factor errors” – the types of problems that typically cause plane crashes. “Using psychology to recognize when a pilot is agitated, is dealing with stress or is having other issues that negatively affect job performance can help a company avoid potentially deadly mistakes in the air,” she says. “That’s really a blend of psychology and business.”

She is already a licensed pilot.

For more details about Thessalonika Arzu-Embry and/or to purchase her books, visitwww.thessalonikaarzu.com or follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thessalonikaarzu

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