Couple set to launch the first-ever black-owned animation network

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The world of animation is getting a revamp thanks to power duo Jermaine and Whaketa Hargrove who come summer this year 2022 will launch the first-ever Black-owned streaming animation network, Animation TV,

Black experience will take centre stage at Animation TV which is the first and only animation streaming platform that streams all aspects of animation culture, according to a press release.

Animation TV, rich in cultural experience will give viewers of all ages and nationalities the pleasure and beauty of animation culture, offering content via subscription and linear channel model for ease of access to viewers.

Animation TV in collaboration with Small Town Animation Studios will deliver original, exclusive animation content such as the highly anticipated diabetic superhero movie “Gumshe: The Type 1 Protector,” or faith-based series “The Sunday Schoolers,” and other originals like “Animate My Life, Welcome to Gamerville,” “Princess Tatenda” and the award-winning series “Shelly: The Dancing Spider.”

Animation TV also stands out with its intentional giving back via the creation of opportunities for future animation industry professionals by using a portion of its revenue to provide animation scholarships for students from under-served communities.

In line with this initiative, Animation TV has partnered with some of the biggest names in animation, including Kit Bash 3D and The Animation School in South Africa. The director and co-founder of The Animation School, Nuno Martins, has this to say about the initiative, “The Animation School continues to drive diversity through partnerships such as Animation TV. These [partnerships] highlight the importance of building a diverse community within the international animation industry.”

Chief executive officer and founder of Animation TV, Jermaine, also commented on his impending launch, stating, “We are using Animation TV and exclusive content to bring awareness to the lack of diversity and inclusion in the animation industry. By offering distribution to global animation creators, we will amplify the voices that sometimes go unheard. Structuring a theatrical partnership with a major film Studio for some of our stronger animation IP’s is also a goal of Animation TV. We are currently looking to finance, develop and distribute all forms of animation content(2D/3D) from creators all over the world.”

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