10 Year Old College Student Working On Her PhD

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Just like many other 10 year old’s, Esther Okade, loves “Frozen” and playing her dolls. What makes her stand out is the fact that she’s currently working on obtaining an undergraduate degree. What’s even more amazing is she wanted to start at the age of 7 but her mother made her wait because she felt she was too young.

At the age of 6 Esther took a math entry exam for high school and obtained a “C”, the following year she retook the exam and earned an “A”. Showing us that her only real competition is herself! Esther is British-Nigerian and is the youngest college student in the UK. She attends Open University, a UK based online University. She started at the top of her class and with confidence like hers I’m sure she will finish at the top of her class.

Esther’s area of expertise is math. She is enthusiastic about theories and complex numbers. She also enjoys helping people which is why after obtaining her PhD, which she plans to do by age 13, she plans on opening her own bank. This will be done by age 15. Due to her love of numbers and helping others, she believes that opening a bank will ensure a fulfilling career.This also speaks volumes! She doesn’t want to work at someone else’s bank but is interested in being an entrepreneur! Not only is she brilliant, she’s ambitious as well.

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